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Bindings & Spines

AWhite Dragon Black Novel

From Xchyler Publishing



December 1st


For Jonathan Alvey, going cold turkey is hell, but no one said giving up magic was easy. A simple adultery case seemed like a good distraction – until the case turned anything but simple. As if withdrawals, murder, theft, and a mistake-ridden grimoire weren’t bad enough, a blossoming necromancer might prove more than a paranormal private investigator can handle.

Escape into a world where monsters are real, and magic is a drug. Enter the world of Jonathan Alvey, paranormal private investigator.  Join him as he tries to help the citizens of New Hades, N.Y. stay safe and, for the most part, ignorant of what really goes bump in the night.  It isn't an easy job, nor a glamorous one - but somebody had better do it.

Sometimes promotion videos or trailers get made for  my books. This is where I list them all to be easily found.

Not available at this time


"Blink the Blood Away" by R.M. Ridley is a very short but effectively chilling story..."


"In the case of “Shades and Shadows”, my overall impression is: The hits win. ...especial favorites included ... R.M. Ridley’s “Cost of Custody”


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